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We are redefining timeless beauty with Permanent Lip Artistry. Our specialized tattoo device and precision needle bring a touch of modern elegance to permanent makeup. By delicately infusing pigment beneath the skin's surface, we recreate the natural nuances of your lips with lifelike precision.

Perfect for enhancing your natural beauty or adding vibrancy to your lips, Permanent Lips is the ultimate solution for those who seek enduring elegance. Whether you dream of fuller, more defined lips or crave effortless, lasting color, our artistry knows no bounds.

Permanent Lips also shines in skillful color correction and discreetly concealing previous lip tattoos, offering a transformative experience. With each lip's unique shape, hue, and texture meticulously tailored to you, we guarantee the most captivating results, empowering you to embrace each day with poise and confidence.

Experience personalized perfection with Permanent Lips, where your unique beauty is our canvas, and your lasting confidence is our masterpiece.
Stages of Healing
Who Qualifies
  • Are allergic to lipstick
  • Are sick of re-applying lip stick all day
  • Have filler
  • Have uneven lips
  • Have lost definition over the years
  • Want bigger, fuller looking lips
  • Have pale lips
Who Does Not Qualifies
  • If the client is under 18 years of age
  • If the client is pregnant or nursing
  • If the client is allergic to local anesthetic or pigment
  • If there is uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • If the client has blood related issues where there is blood clotting disorders
  • If the Client has uncontrolled diabetes
  • If there is a current viral infection or infectious disease
  • If the client is an organ transplant recipient
  • If the client is undergoing chemotherapy
  • If the client has a pacemaker or severe heart disease or artificial valves
  • If the client is prone to keloid scars
  • If the client has epilepsy
  • If the client has the HIV virus
  • If the client has acute hepatitis
  • If the client has leukemia
  • If the client has sarcoma
  • If the client is undergoing artificial insemination
  • If the client has Von Willebrands disease
  • If the client has rheumatoid arthritis
  • If the client has multiple sclerosis
  • If the client has malignant disease
  • If the client has thrombophilia
  • If your previous lip tattoo is dark
Post Care

Day 1

My lips are gorgeous but a bit swollen.

Day 2

My lips feel a little tight and dry.

Day 3

My lips are extremely dra and chapped.

Day 4

The scabs are all off but the color is gone?

Day 5

The color is coming back!! Looking amazing.

Day 6

Absolutely perfect

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