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Nano Brows
Nano Brows introduces a revolutionary approach to permanent makeup. Incorporating a specialized tattoo device and a single needle, this technique embodies modern elegance, by meticulously implanting pigment beneath the skin's surface to mimic lifelike hairstrokes. Ideal for elevating existing eyebrow hair or creating a natural-looking eyebrow set for those experiencing partial or total hair loss. Nano Brows redefines sophistication.

Not only a great option for individuals with oily skin, but Nano Brows also excels in skillful color correction and discreetly covering previous brow tattoos, offering a remarkable makeover. Each brow's shape, color, and texture are expertly customized to suit each individual, ensuring the most captivating outcome. This personalized touch empowers clients to embrace their day with confidence.
Stages of Healing
Who Qualifies
  • Have sparse brow hair
  • Have full brow hair
  • Want a soft natural look
  • “Worry” about rubbing them off throughout the day
  • Have uneven brows
  • Want to save money on brow products
  • Want a fuller makeup look
  • Have alopecia (or other hair loss like)
  • Would love to stop doing your brows daily
  • Save time
  • Don’t like how your brows look naturally
Who Does Not Qualifies
  • If the client is under 18 years of age
  • If the client is pregnant or nursing
  • If the client is allergic to local anesthetic or pigment
  • If there is uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • If the client has blood related issues where there is blood clotting disorders
  • If the Client has uncontrolled diabetes
  • If there is a current viral infection or infectious disease
  • If there is a skin infection in the eyebrow region
  • If the client has sarcoma
  • If the client is undergoing artificial insemination
  • If the client has Von Willebrands disease
  • If the client is an organ transplant recipient
  • If the client is undergoing chemotherapy
  • If the client has a pacemaker or severe heart disease or artificial valves
  • If the client is prone to keloid scars
  • If the client has epilepsy
  • If the client has the HIV virus
  • If the client has acute hepatitis
  • If the client has leukemia
  • If the client has rheumatoid arthritis
  • If the client has multiple sclerosis
  • If the client has malignant disease
  • If the client has thrombophilia
Post Care

Day 1

I got my brows done today!

Day 2

What happed to my brows? Why are they so dark and thick?!

Day 3

Eww!! They're flaking off!!

Day 4

Oh no!!! My brows are gone! They are too light!

Day 5

Oh yay! THey're coming back! They look very natural!

Day 6

They're perfect! I am in love! Thank you HummingBlade!

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